Frequently Asked Questions

Deafmade is invitation-only. Apply for our project teams, show us you are reliable, and have a commitment to providing quality services. Don’t give up after the first application – keep trying. Once you get on a team, show your skills and positive attitude.

Perform well, establish rapport, and an invite will probably be forthcoming. We are looking for team players with self-initative, that fit in well with the existing members. Since Deafmade is a coop, everyone’s contributions matter. 

No. First of all, not all members provide services, and some DeafMade members are employees of members. Our system is designed so that we can provide support to different brands and for their needs to be met in a variety of ways.

We have members, who we call Brand Managers, which are focused solely on their brand. They do not provide services other than what their company provides, either a product or a service package that is not billable by the hour.

These members utliize discounts, services and support from other members, and enjoy the billing support and access to software provided by the DeafMade system. As the system continues to grow, further benefits will be provided to all members. In addition, the system provides the benefit of networking, support, and community collaboration. The cooperative spirit is what drives Deafmade.

Yes, you can!

The process is different for merchant members. For creatives and the like, we have potential members pick up a job on one of our projects and if things go well, they receive an invitation.

In this case, you need to hire one of our members for your business or organization. If the member works with you well, this means you probably will be a good fit for the Deafmade vision and can become a member and gain discounts. Also, during the process of working with us, you will have a better idea of how Deafmade works, and how being a member benefits you.

Don’t have funding? Contact us anyway, there are possibly grant funds or local programs we can help you qualify for.

The largest benefit that members get is discounts on services and products sold by other Deafmade members! You’ll be able to get what you need from the best, all in one place. You don’t have to do time-consuming research, making sure your providers are qualified, because we’ve already done all of the vetting for you.

Need some extra work? Members will promote any new jobs and gigs they may have available under their brand among Deafmade members before advertising them publicly. You’ll get first crack on many opportunities! Also, by being a part of our team, you’ll provide your brand or services to other members, gaining a wider network of customers.  

Plus, you will instantly gain a supportive team with a wide range of skill sets. You’ll get valuable feedback and outside perspectives on your projects and make them truly shine. With us, you have a network where you can communicate in our native language, American Sign Language, and convey your vision and intent to supportive like-minded peers.

In addition, service professionals enjoy time logging and billing support. Just log time on projects and DeafMade will take care of everything. That’s right… you can be free from the burden of invoicing and account management! This allows our service professional members to spend time doing what they do best, providing professional services to their clients.

This is the magic that is Deafmade.

No – in fact, we do not invite members until they have participated in at least one project with a member, and are fully vouched for by two members, then they can be voted in by a majority of the membership. We want to be sure that people fit the cooperative’s vision and culture. In this type of structure, every member makes a difference! Together, we can do big things.

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